ALLSTYLES glass mosaic tile advantages

Our mosaics from our favorite Spanish manufacturer MOSAVIT offer premium quality and they are sold all over the world. MOSAVIT were the first to develop "glow-in-the-dark" mosaics, and many many hundreds of metres of the Aquaris Aquablue Glow mosaic have been installed in Australian pools, landscaping projects and homes through ALLSTYLES.

Superior backing system

         MOSAVIT MESH                                             HotMelt

 the hotmelt advantage

Both backing systems - the Hotmelt and MOSAVIT mesh optimize grip, simplify the installation and improve the finished installation.

Perfect Chip Alignment

Superior technical expertise means that the alignment of the tiles is always regular. No more crooked chips. The production process means that in the kiln the temperature control varies – this requires high quality control procedures to ensure consistency of sizing and alignment.


Efficient manufacturing controls ensure that ALLSTYLES mosaics are very affordable.

Recycled glass

ALLSTYLES manufacturers from Spain only uses recycled glass for our glass mosaics – a great benefit for the environmentally aware consumer.


Consistent colour and sizing

Unlike other manufacturers, ALLSTYLES manufacturers from Spain use clear recycled glass in the manufacturing process, obtaining a product with two very noticeable advantages:

  • Better and more consistent colours
  • A uniform fusion point, giving consistent chips of the same size

No detachment risk

The MOSAVIT mesh is a product especially designed and produced in France - minimum coverage of the back of the chip more than meets Australia standards and ensures perfect adhesion. And as always with the HotMelt product when installed correctly it gives 100% bonding to the fixed surface guaranteeing a perfect hold in any installation.

Lifetime guarantee

We are so confident of the quality of the ALLSTYLES range that the product comes with a lifetime guarantee when installed according to Australian standards.